Nashville to Memphis

Saturday, after we left the Kindness Farm, we toured the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. We are not big country music people, but we loved the tour anyway. The Grand Ole Opry is an American institution, a real icon. We were late arriving for our tour, so a nice guard at the Opry caught us up – it was almost like having a private tour until we joined our group! After the Grand Ole Opry we went into a HUGE mall next door and walked around for awhile. It was nice to be in the air conditioning. It is hot […]

The Kindness Farm

The last 24 hours have been WONDERFUL! We got to Cassandra’s farm at 11:00pm instead of midnight lar night because we’d changed time zones without realizing it! We were immediately greeted by Anna, Chris, and Denise, who led us to a flat, grassy field behind the barn, which was lit up by a string of cheery, round, white bulbs. Heaven, after being on the road for 12 hours! They gave us six lovely duck eggs I’d purchased through the Hipcamp website (actually, I’d only asked for three, the other three were pure gift, which turned out to be the theme […]

Delayed a Day – But on Our Way Now!

Well, I’m afraid we didn’t make it out of the driveway yesterday. We got the van back from the shop at 2:30 and proceeded to pack it up until 11:30 at night! There was just too much that had to be done before we could leave, including hydrating compost material for our onboard Nature’s Head composting toilet. Here is a picture of Hannah working on it: We were sad to miss our very first camping reservation at an alpaca farm in Wytheville, VA. But I have to say, by the end of last night, the van looked amazing! After packing […]

First Day – A Delay

First Day – A Delay… So, we were planning to get the van back from the shop – yes, the shop – this morning and head out before noon. It is almost 2:00 now. How did this happen? Well, a couple of days ago I had the bright – albeit belated – idea to have the van “checked out” before we embarked on our cross-country trip. I should be happy I did, because it needed maintenance. They worked on it all day yesterday – filters, oil change, belts, two new tires. This morning they were going to rotate the tires […]

So, This Happened…And This is Happening!

So, This Happened…And This is Happening! HAIR! Okay, so the hair is the first “this.” The story behind the hair: Hannah has wanted to dye her hair green for a while and I’d said “no, no, no…okay.” And then she asked me if I’d dye my hair with her. And, to my surprise, I said “okay!” It’s quite an offer for a mom to get from her 17 year old! So, I’ve never dyed my hair before. Ever. A few times I got highlights, but never dyed. So now my hair is dyed “mermaid.” What can I say? I saw […]

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