I am having an EEG at UVA Hospital as I write this. Nothing is wrong, I’ve just asked my oncologists to help me get off my anti-seizure medication since I believe it contributes to my ongoing fatigue issues.

I’m not sure my doctors were necessarily thrilled with the idea – after all, many doctors do like their medicines, and I have to admit they can come in handy sometimes – but I am grateful they are indulging me. I really want off these meds!

But it comes at a cost.  They will have to taper me off the meds over the course of two months, and during these two months I will not be able to drive. After all, if I do have a seizure, no one wants me driving over them.  Fair enough. But I have a feeling I’m not going to have a seizure.  If all goes well, I’ll be behind the wheel again before I know it.

In the mean time, I am pretty sure it will be a bit harder in me this time than when I couldn’t drive for six months after my surgery. I feel much better in general and am quite used to independently getting myself to all my doctors and physical therapy appointments. It will be kind of tough to have to be totally reliant on others for transportation again, but totally worth it if I can finally get off these meds!

I have signed up for Jaunt, our local, point-to-point bus service for people with disabilities. I’ve always thought of it as a service for older people mostly, but no more. Get ready to watch me pull down the median age! And at only $1.50 per ride, it’s uber cheap – I mean, cheaper than Uber.

I haven’t received my Jaunt card yet, and will definitely need some help getting from place to place at times (especially the grocery store). If you are local and might be able to give me a lift from time to time, please let me know. I’d really appreciate it.

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Mary susan

How are you doing, Fran? Work is under control for me, and I’d love to be your driver when you need it. xo

Lynda Myers

Glad they’ve indulged you and I hope it works out for you. I’m in town most weekdays, give me a call at 434/760-5061 if you need a trip to the grocery. Happy to help out.

Rebecca Thomas

Fran, I don’t know you but a friend of mine shared your FB post so I saw it. I volunteer for a program called Road to Recovery which is run by the American Cancer Society – it provides cancer patients free rides to their appointments. Just wanted to be sure you knew about it. The local folks are wonderful to work with so reach out to them and they’ll get you set up in the program.

Pat Crawfird

I’d be happy to help, Fran. Anytime. I admire your goal to take charge of your health. Did you hear, I saw your mom and dad last Sunday? That is always wonderful! Love to you, my friend!

Fran, despite the lovely new hairdo you look a lot more like your old self! Perhaps, perhaps, you will be able to make it to Rowlesburg in the spring or summer. We plan to open on May 1st this year, so any time after that. It may be that you will have to live with the meds but lets hope and pray for a successful withdrawal this time around. Check out my Bonehead Island Cartoons page on facebook when you have time. Snarky cartoons about politicians. And, yes, I accept responsibility for drawing them. On another topic, send me a… Read more »
Linda Childs

Hi Fran,
Having just been through my second knee replacement, I appreciate how hobbling the inability to drive can be.
I am happily walking with ease and driving myself everywhere again; I live in River Run, which I think is not so very far from you. I would be happy to help you get around whenever, just give me a call at 434-295-4361.

Denise Collado

Wish I were closer — unless you’d like to take a break down here at some time?

Steve Watkins

Here’s hoping this all works out, Fran. Nice to have that bus service available too. And btw I think you should keep wearing your hair like that, with all the wires and everything. It’s a good look. Warmest, Steve


Hope all goes well for you. Sending prayers. Merry Christmas

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