Happy Mother's Day
I’m the tall one, in case you couldn’t tell!

Being this girl’s mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I thank God for her everyday.

This Mother’s Day we all went out with Mom and Dad to brunch.  Towards the end of our meal I had another little episode of feeling bad.  My muscles felt like they were going rigid, especially in my stomach and face. It was difficult to smile – my cheek muscles became very weak.  We went home and I crawled into bed and slept for several hours. I still felt tired when I got up, but then felt progressively better.  I am not quite sure what happened.

My first instinct was to be scared.  It is such a weird feeling to lose full control of my muscles and get so suddenly exhausted. Definitely not normal. On the other hand, I tried to take solice in the fact that I’d just been evaluated in the emergency room a few days ago.  Still, I’d been on antibiotics for almost four whole days by the time this happened. If the problem was a simple infection, wouldn’t the antibiotics have gotten it pretty much under control?

I don’t know.  My goal right now is to stay calm and believe I am getting better, stay on my medication, and try to ride this thing out until Wednesday, when I go back to the hospital for my first follow up visit with my oncologist.  I’ll have functional MRI, and maybe my oncologist will be able to offer a more comprehensive explanation of what is going on.

Or maybe, I’ll just be all well by then and we can just chit chat about summer vacation.

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tammie otto

Prayers for you and your family Fran.

Barbara Smith

Great picture, Fran. Love your purse! Prayers for you to get great news tomorrow.

Kathy Erskine

I’m going with all well! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.
And I love that girl’s style (and her mom’s)!

Patty Huffman

Amazing woman~awesome Mom, precious child, beloved wife, treasured friend, Happy Mother’s Day! And blessings all around, Patty


Love you, Fran. Your bravery is such huge inspiration. I can’t thank you enough for sharing.


Forgot to mention what a beautiful picture of you and Hannah.


I’ll pray for you being “all well by then”, so go ahead and talk about summer vacation. 😉

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