Before I was diagnosed with brain cancer, our family had planned a Disney Cruise vacation.  Before my surgery, my doctors told me I’d need chemo and radiation so we thought we’d have to cancel our cruise.

But with all the good news following  my surgery, the doctors have said I can go!

We were planning to drive to Port Canaveral to make the trip cheaper (the Cruise itself was “free” since we are Disney Vacation Club members, thanks to a gift many years ago from my parents) but now the drive would be pretty difficult for me, so yesterday we flew to Orlando. I have to admit, the traveling was a little exhausting, but I made it – and slept well last night!

And now we are waiting to board the ship for a cruise to the Caribbean! Hard to believe!


Grandma and Grandpa are with us, too! 


Please send good thoughts for safe and healthy travels. See you when we get back!

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Vicky Robinson

Looking great, everyone! Hope your cruise is wonderful!

Marie Griffith

Thinking of you all and hoping you have had (are having?) some wonderful family time. Hugs and good thoughts/hopes/wishes from St. Louis.


Very glad you got to go! Rest, Fran, and enjoy this special time.

Jo Viglione

So happy for you! You so deserve this. Good news is cruising can be very relaxing if you let it be, so take it easy. Not at all surprised that you aren’t 100% yet since you just went through major surgery. It takes a lot out of you so let your body be your guide. Soak up some of that great Vitamin D. 🙂 Love to your whole family!


Enjoy! You look great ! Hannah is pretty !

Suzanne Morrone

Wonderful! Enjoy every minute.


Hope you guys have had a wonderful time!

Anne Marie

I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing time.


I’m currently following an AT thru hiker’s Twitter feed; a friend’s TranAmerica bicycle trek across the country on Facebook; and your blog posts, Fran!

Apparently humans have few limits when it comes to determination, muscle and motivation. Have a wonderful time!

Kelley Weddington

You all look wonderful!!’ Have a fantastic time!! And calm seas! Love you all!!

Nicole Clarke

Wow! Have a fantastic trip!

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