Here I am at  UVA’s Women’s game vs. Clemson!  Score is 29-23 right now with UVA up by 3 with 45 seconds to go in the first half.
Here’s a picture of me and Hannah:

Here’s a picture of me and Marshall, taken by our favorite daughter, Hannah!

I can’t even begin to tell you just how wonderful it is to be here with my whole family.  When I first sat down in my seat, my own tears surprised me, and I realized I couldn’t see the court for my eyes. It is amazing how I can be in the same familiar place time and time again, but never really and truly see it until a moment like this occurs.

Thank God for renewing eyes.

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25 Comments on "A Big First Outing at UVA  Women’s B-Ball Game!"

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Melinda Wells

Headbands so become you! Who knew? You are beautiful inside and out. Blessings!

John Ragosta

Your daughter looks like you (although I am sure that you’ve heard that before). I will look forward to seeing you at VFH event or elsewhere.


I am really speechless …. I am so happy you recover so fast !!


Life is going back to normal. Great!!! You three look glorious.!!!

Joan Brown

Fran, I love your upbeat way of facing your surgery, your recovery……..posting your pics, getting out and about. Blessings on you and your family as you heal. My prayers for you continue daily.

Dionna Mann

Wow, Fran. It’s wonderful to see you out and about so soon! What a testament to skilled hands at work on a complicated medical problem.

Jeanne Siler

I echo all the sentiments above. Seeing you out and about makes me very happy, too!

RoyAnn Murray

This makes me so happy! Seeing you all look so happy!

Mary Ann Marinchick

You are absolutely amazing! So glad that UVA won!!!

Maria Cunningham

So nice to see you and your family enjoying the game!

Dan Brook

Wow, you all look great! And what a great choice for a first outing!

Janis Jaquith

I love these pictures!

Elizabeth Broderick

I’m glad you’re out and about! And hey, you’re rocking the straight hair!


beautiful family… beautiful you

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