A San Francisco Moment

A few nights ago, we stayed with our college friend, Grace Han McMahon, and her wonderful husband, Ted, in their home just outside of San Francisco.  We reconnected with Grace a couple years ago in an incredibly small-world moment: Marshall ran into Grace when they both were walking down the hallway of Marshall’s mother’s retirement community in Newport News, Virginia. Turns out Grace’s parents live in the same community! Fast forward, Grace very graciously invited us to stay with her family during our trip. With very little lead time (because our schedule has been so last minute) Grace somehow put […]


I am behind in posting about the stops on our trip. To be completely candid, I just can’t keep up. The trip has been fantastic – we have seen and done so many things together as a family – but it’s also been physically challenging for me. I haven’t made things any easier by going wayyy off my all-organic, ketogenic, gluten-free diet. The Southwest cuisine (and its homemade tortillas!) were just too tempting. We’ve been sampling some terrific Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives places as recommended by Guy Fieri and – wow – has it been delicious! I’m glad I went […]

A Tribute to Barbed Wire

Two days ago, we drove from Little Rock, Arkansas, all the way through Oklahoma (or, as I’ve constantly been quoting Steve Martin from the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, “Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!”) to our overnight stop outside the Cactus Inn Motel in McLean, TX on iconic Route 66. (We do get our kicks, yes?) The day started with a really great conversation with our host, C. The night before, he’d warned us about the Arkansas mosquitoes potentially carrying us away. Now, we were talking about everything from Maybelline makeup to water heater hoses. His Arkansas drawl reminded me of my West […]

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