And There Was Much Rejoicing!

Great news to share: Yesterday’s MRI showed that my tumor has not grown since my last MRI in November! Talk about being grateful…words just can’t do it… So instead of my doctor telling me to prepare for surgery, he told me I was good to go for the next FOUR months, until my next MRI in June! Four months! To enjoy…to celebrate…to be…to LIVE! What pure gift. How can I share the amazingness of this with you? The miracle of these months? Your good thoughts and prayers and light and love are so bound up in each of these moments […]

Waiting for MRI Results – February 2020 Version

Last week I went to UVA Hospital for yet another MRI. We’ll learn the results this coming Wednesday, February 26th – Ash Wednesday, as it turns out. Appropriate enough. Let me briefly bring you up to date on our travel news: November ’19: Marshall and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary (which was in October) by going to Hawaii, where we kayaked off the east coast of Oahu.  We came home with many great memories and one amazing story – we actually saved someone’s life – which I hope to share here in another post. December ’19: Marshall, Hannah, and I […]

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