Imagery for Cancer

I want to tell you a little bit about my approach to having a brain tumor – the metaphor through which I am viewing my experience. Many people interpret cancer as a fight – a battle.  I am choosing a different way to think about it. My view is that it’s a journey towards wholeness.  I see my brain tumor as a part of me that needs to be healed. I have begun thinking of myself as a universe in which trillions of cells live.  These cells are a “we” that collectively make up “me” – Fran.  We (all these cells […]

My Recent Hospital Stay

I wake up with so many things to say, and I am grateful that this blog is finally up and running so I can start sharing all that is going on inside of me. But first, I think I should bring you up to date.  I had an overnight at the hospital this week. Background: Since I was discharged from Martha Jefferson after my initial night at the ER I’ve been at home.  Home is great – warm, cozy, safe and very, very comfortable.  In the past two weeks I have established an amazing routine of getting up early and […]

The Beginning of My Unexpected Journey

On Sunday, January 17th, 2016, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s not something I can say I was expecting. Here’s what we currently know: The tumor is in the left, frontal region of my brain. They think it’s about a centimeter away from my language center, which means it is operable. That’s good. They don’t think it metastasized from another part of my body, so it’s very likely only in my brain. That’s good, too. It’s likely a type of tumor called a glioma. Gliomas come in stages 1-4. They won’t know for sure what stage mine falls into […]

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